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Emeritus & Voluntary Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus faculty must complete an account request form prior to retirement. The Health Sciences Library will pay copyright fees of up to $200.00 per calendar year to obtain unlicensed articles via Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) for an emeritus faculty member.

Voluntary Faculty

Voluntary Faculty are eligible to obtain articles and book chapters via interlibrary loan.

Do you have an Upstate Novell/Outlook account?

If you have an Upstate username and password, please use these credentials to submit your ILL request. Submitting a request will automatically create an account that ILL staff will review and approve. Account not working? Contact the IMT Help Desk at 315-464-4115.

Previously had an ILL account with a non-upstate email, or new to Upstate?

Voluntary Faculty are required to have Novell/Outlook credentials to access the Interlibrary Loan system. To utilize Interlibrary Loan at the Upstate Health Sciences Library, your Department Head needs to request the account creation. This can be done either with the PDF LAN Administration form below:

LAN Administration Form

Or requested directly in Self-Serve at the link below:

Self-Serve LAN Form

Tips for Department Heads completing the form:

  • If the Upstate ID number is unknown, please call the IMT Help Desk at 315-464-4115.
  • When completing the form please mark this as "New Account," if this is the first time you'll be getting a Novell account. Please skip the line “Same Function As”; it is not required.
  • Where the form reads "I Need access to these files and directories," include "Interlibrary Loan at the Library."
  • In the Miscellaneous Request field, write in “Please notify the Interlibrary Loan Department at request@upstate.edu”.

Once you've completed the form, please send to IMT for the account creation.

Once the account is setup, you'll be able to log in and request via interlibrary loan. See all full text resource instructions on the Voluntary Faculty page.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Questions? Contact: 315-464-5116 or request@upstate.edu.