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Self-Administered Saliva Pooled Testing

For Upstate faculty, staff, and students that have previously participated in the pooled saliva testing, Upstate has implemented a Self-Administered testing process at Weiskotten and IHP.

**IMPORTANT: If you have not previously participated in the pooled saliva testing, you must first attend one of the staffed testing sessions where the testing team will walk you through the testing process. After that initial test, you will be able to participate in the self-administered testing process going forward.

Weiskotten - Health Sciences Library, Services Desk
• Mondays - Thursdays from 3:00pm-5:00pm
• Fridays from 12:30pm-5:00pm

Process: Upstate students, faculty, and staff that need to be tested would:
Stop by the library services desk during set business hours to receive a test kit
Show their Upstate ID badge
Fill out a form with required information
Receive a test kit and biohazard bag
Go to a designated location near the library services desk to complete the test or take the test kit with
them to complete at their work station.
Register the test kit in the web app and self-administer the test.
READ document titled Instructions-Self-Administered Testing for COVID-19 Saliva Pool Testing
Drop off the completed test kit in a biohazard bag at a designated secure location

IMPORTANT: It is very important that all the steps be followed in the outlined process or else the test kit will not be able to be processed by the lab.