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Outlook Migration Issues

At 5 pm on October 9th, IMT has informed the Library as well as other academic departments on campus that they will be starting the process to migrate to Outlook email services. During this migration period, we have been asked to not respond to emails, as it can cause issues with the transfer of our emails. IMT anticipates the process will be completed on Tuesday, October 13th at 5 am.

Library Email Responses

Because of the email transition to Microsoft Outlook, we are asking those patrons who email the Library or Library staff to be patient. We will respond to you once we are able to access Outlook email services. Email notices for other services, such as ILL requests, holds, and overdue items will continue to be sent.

If you are having issues that need assistance during this transition to please call the Library at 315.464.7091. Technical issues can be sent during this time to [email protected], where technical staff can respond through our ticket system. We will be staffed our normal hours on Monday and will be able to respond back at that time.


During the Outlook migration, students may experience issues using the “Uploading Prints via Email” feature of Pharos PrintCenter. You may instead use the PrintCenter at https://printcenter.upstate.edu to upload your documents directly or use a networked student computing station within the Library or 2nd floor computer lab.