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Clerkship Collection from LWW - trial available until 6/30

The Clerkship/Clinical Rotations Collection from LWW Health Library provides a selection of 39 authoritative books—covering the 6 core clerkship rotations—is ideal for clerkship students, faculty, and directors and coordinators.

The collection features key titles - from the Step-up, Recall, Blueprints, Shelf Life, and BRS series - which are currently only available in print format.


  • Over 150 cases, broken down by rotation
  • Covers core rotations of Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Surgery, Family Medicine, and Psychiatry
  • Users can search or browse content across all rotations or filter to a specific rotation
  • All content optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile usage
  • Complete chapters are downloadable and printable, and can be shared with colleagues
  • Great resource for both core didactic content, as well as review content through review series titles and Q&A

Please send all comments and feedback to Kimberly Nolan at nolanki@upstate.edu