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Upgrade to Lexicomp UI

On November 18th at 10am, Lexicomp will be going through an upgrade to the user interface that will be perfomed by the vendor. After the upgrade, users using older versions of Internet Explorer (IE8 and lower) and those in compatibility mode will no longer be able to effectively use the site.

Within this update, the Lexicomp interface is being updated to make it feel more inline with other Wolters Kluwer products and the Lexicomp mobile application. It also has optimized the interface and overall function to work more in-line with current web best practices. Due to the change in coding, use of Lexicomp will now require Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. 

Changes to the Interface include:

  • Larger Search Box Area
  • Repositions page content to other areas (e.g. FDA Drug Approvals) 
  • Re-organizes & simplifies top-level navigation, places other links under “More Clinical Tools”

Changes to the Search include:

  • Better organized visual results from initial query 

Changes to the Detail Page include:

  • In-page search, jump to section navigation moved
  • Auto-expanding side-navigation items based on location within page with section link highlighting

How This Upgrade May Affect You

Clinical Areas

For those in the clinical areas, working within Internet Explorer is part of the normal workflow. Because of this, we have worked with IMT to specifically address issues in key areas including.

  • Lexicomp Integration in EPIC
  • WOWs, terminals in units running Hyperspace
  • Compatibility Mode

We have assurances from IMT that the EPIC integration will work the same as before.

If you are having issues within a clinical setting, click the Library Icon in Citrix to access Lexicomp, or click the “RHIO” icon and navigate to library.upstate.edu

Academic & Research Areas

If you are having issues utilizing Lexicomp while using Internet Explorer, please try using Firefox or Chrome browsers. If you have questions about specific technology issues and your workstation, please contact the IMT Help Desk at x44115.

Questions Regarding the New Interface?

If you have questions about the new interface and using it, please feel free to contact the Library front desk at 315-464-7091, by email at [email protected] or chat with a librarian.