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Performance update on the new library search interface Primo

Recently, the library, in conjunction with all SUNY libraries, rolled out a new search interface called Primo. While there are many positive new features in this system, library staff are aware of a variety of performance issues and are working with SUNY and the vendor, Ex Libris, to improve performance.

Ex Libris has acknowledged the issues and that the product is not as robust as both SUNY and Ex Libris expect it to be for SUNY's consortial needs and complexity. Both SUNY, including a representative from Upstate, and Ex Libris are working towards improved support and communication going forward.

In particular, we are aware the "Owned by Upstate?" link from databases such as PubMed is experiencing slow load times. This is an issue with all institutions worldwide who are using this product, not just SUNY institutions.  ExLibris is working on improving this performance and enhancements are forthcoming to improve performance in this area.

One area that has already seen improvements is the loading of search results from the main search. ExLibris has also implemented new technologies to monitor all campus' speed metrics and SUNY will continue to review these issues with Ex Libris on a monthly basis until SUNY is satisfied with speed and performance.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact libsuppt@upstate.edu