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Welcome to the Web Archiving Program @ Upstate which provides information about the selection, acquisition, description, and access of web archives at Upstate Medical University!

Upstate Medical University has participated in web archiving since 2023 for the long-term archiving of websites. It was the first Digital Initiative project specifically oriented toward preserving "born-digital" material. 

Upstate Medical University Archives and Special Collections (ASC) curates topical web archive collections using a web archiving tool, Conifer, for preservation and access to interactive copies of web pages. We are trying to restage the looks and feel of a website from a particular moment in time.



Why Web Archive?

Web archiving is the process of collecting, preserving, and providing access to information on the Internet. Archived websites represent the captured look and feel of a website from a particular moment in time. Archiving a website is done by using a web crawler. 

The web archiving program at Upstate Medical University Archives & Special Collections focuses on collecting, preserving, and providing access to archived captures of websites representing an organization and a theme. This subject guide is intended to provide an overview of what web archiving is, what we archive, and how you can use web archives for your research. 

Upstate Medical University Archives & Special Collections uses Conifer to capture, preserve, and provide access to archived websites. Conifer is an open-source web archiving initiative by Rhizome, an institution supporting born-digital art and cultures. 

You can visit Upstate Medical University's web archive collections by visiting our collection pages listed below. 


Searching for Websites in Archival Collections

Finding aids are inventories that describe the contents and context of an archival collection. Users should note that, because some collections are very large, finding aids will not necessarily describe every item in the collection. To ascertain the full and exact contents of a collection, it may be necessary to review the archived web captures in Conifer.  

To access archived web materials, please visit our Conifer page listed above.  



Contact Archives and Special Collections

For information regarding our web archival collections; or participating in the web archiving program, please contact the Archives and Special Collections at [email protected]



Below is a list of web archiving collections linked to Conifer. Please click each title to view the collection.