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Staff Directory


Kindon, Rebecca

Archives & Special Collections

, Recruiting
DeAndrea, Elise
Kim, Chaeyeon

Access Services

Benjamin, Laura
Brennan, Deidre
Veri, Monica
Manchester, Shelby

InterLibrary Loan

Helsher, Stephanie
Der, Angela

Discovery and Technology Services

Campese, Michael
Webb, Heidi
  • Webb, Heidi
  • Head of Discovery and Technology Services
  • webbh@upstate.edu
  • 315-464-4588
Bowers, Michelle

Research & Instruction

Kucharski, Christine
Slutzky, Amy
Smith, Abigail
  • Smith, Abigail
  • Assistant Director for Research & Instruction
  • smithab@upstate.edu
  • 315-464-7204
Sullivan, Jennifer
  • Sullivan, Jennifer
  • Academic & Research Librarian, Graphic Medicine
  • sullivje@upstate.edu
  • 315-464-7084

Outreach & Engagement

Tsistinas, Olivia
Lawler, Sarah

Resource Management Services

Nolan, Kimberly
Stauffer, Sherry