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Library Printing using Pharos

The Library utilizes a print-management system called Pharos to manage printing for students. The Pharos system allows students to:

  • send print jobs to be printed
  • release print jobs at a specific printer
  • manage account balances to pay for print jobs

The Library has introduced new features to the Pharos system, including the ability to take credit card payments through PayPal, and offer “Mobile” printing solutions.

Printing Procedures

In order to utilize the new print system & features, you will need to send prints from computers connected to Pharos printers or by utilizing the MyPrintCenter features.

The queues available are:

  • PHAROS - B&W - Black and white printing is available on the first and second floors of the Library and 8th floor of University Hospital.
  • PHAROS - COLOR - Color printing is available on the first and second floors of the Library.

When asked, use your Upstate username for the print job on your computer. This will register your prints to your account. 

Releasing Prints

Go to the Pharos release station next to the printer, or use the new Canon MFP copier on the Library first floor. You will need to log into Pharos using your Upstate username and password for the release station, or use your ID badge with the proximity card reader on the Canon MFP device.

As of November 26, 2018 students/staff/faculty who need to print to Pharos enabled printers will be required to login with their Upstate credentials for any release station to release their print jobs. You will be need to send prints using only your Upstate username to associate it with your Pharos account.

Logging into the release station will allow the following:

  • View only the prints you sent to the printer.
  • Access the print balances associated with your account.

Alternately, you can use the MyPrintCenter (printcenter.upstate.edu) to release prints to the printer. You will need to have funds in your print balance account, as it will not accept print card payments. You will be able to add funds in the MyPrintCenter using PayPal.

Once you log in, you will be then shown only your prints in the Pharos print queue, and not other print jobs submitted by peers. You may then release your prints to the printer to be printed.

Printing Costs

Printing costs are as follows:

Black & White - $.08 per page

Color - $.70 per page

Still have Print Cards?

Still have print cards with a few dollars or cents on them? You can transfer those balances into your Pharos account using the Jamex Transfer Station located on the first floor of the Library. Instructions on the Jamex Balance Transfer process .