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Using Pharos Enabled Canon Copiers

Printing with Pharos enabled Canon Copier / Multi-function Printer (MFP) Devices

Registering ID Cards for First Time Users

All Upstate issued ID cards have proximity reader technology, which enables you to enter restricted areas of the campus and log in to hospital computer terminals. The Library is utilizing this same "prox card" technology to enable you entry into the Library to access your prints and print balances.

To Register a Card

  1. Tap card to proximity reader
  2. Enter Upstate/AD username on touch screen
  3. Enter Upstate/AD password on touch screen
  4. Card is now registered to Pharos Print Server with login credentials.

Printing to Canon MFP Devices

Printing to Canon MFP devices are done in the same fashion as sending prints to any other printer that is controlled through the Pharos print server. You will send black & white prints to the “Pharos - B&W Printing” queue, and color to the “Pharos - Color Printing” queue. In order to get your prints, you will need to use your specific Groupwise/AD username, as the MFP device will only display prints that are registered to the username on your ID card. 

  1. Tap card to proximity reader or log in
  2. Find desired print(s) within the Pharos print center screen. There is a small checkbox to the left of each print to select
  3. Press “Print” or “Print All” to release prints to the printer.

If you are having difficulty printing to any printer, please contact the service desk.

Copying to Canon MFP Devices

  1. Tap card to proximity reader or log in
  2. Select “Copy” tab within Pharos print center screen
  3. Choose copy options as desired
  4. Hit “Start” button to start your copies.

Scanning to USB Drive

  1. Tap card to proximity reader or log in
  2. Insert USB located on left side of the LCD touchscreen. If scanner is asleep, press the power button or green button. Place book face down aligned to top left of scanner.

On the LCD touchscreen

  • Press [mail box USB]
  • Press [memory media]
  • Press [open]
  • Press up or down arrows to search for folder with today’s date, click the date to highlight, press [open], and move on to next step. If no folder has been created yet, please make a folder:
    • Make a folder:
      • Press [new creation]
      • Type in today’s date as mm-dd (i.e. 6-22 or 10-14)
      • Press [ok or done]
  • Press [scan]
    • Scanning options
    • Press [file format], select [pdf], press [OK]
    • Press [document size select], select [LTR], the press [ok]
    • Press [document name], type in your desired file name
  • Place document on scanner glass and press the green start button. Flip the page or slide the book over the next page, press green button. Continue until all pages have been scanned.
  • When finished scanning pages
    • Press [done]
    • Press [remove usb]
    • Press [ok]