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Student Computing

Computer areas in the Library

Second floor: John Bernard Henry, M.D. Computer Learning Center

This center is only available to Upstate students, staff, and faculty via proximity card. The center includes:

  • Computer classrooms: each includes a projector and teaching station; pay-for-print available via Pharos.
    • To reserve a classroom, contact the Educational Communications (EdComm) Department at 4-4860 or via their room reservations page.
      • 220 - 15 computers
      • 222C - 24 computers
  • Open computing area
    • 26 PCs and 8 Macs
    • Pay-for-print (black-and-white and color) available via Pharos
    • 2 flatbed scanners (computers with scanners have Adobe Acrobat Pro and Photoshop)

 These computers are generally equipped with Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Acrobat, Minitab statistical software, and Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers. If you have questions or specific software needs, contact Ed Comm for more information.


First floor library computers

  • There are 4 PCs on the first floor for students, faculty, and staff (2 are near the entrance, and 2 are in the alcove under the staircase).
  • If you do not have Upstate login credentials, ask the Front Desk for assistance.


Wireless Access

Library visitors may access the wireless network throughout the library by selecting "UpstateGuest." Please note that this will provide general Internet access, but many Library resources will still require Upstate or OpenAthens credentials.

Upstate affiliates who wish to connect to the Upstate network can find information at Academic Computing.


Printing, Scanning and Photocopying

These services are available at the Pharos Canon MFP copier on either the first or second floor. On the first floor, this is located near the Library Service Desk. On the second floor, this is located in the middle of the John Bernard Henry Computer Learning Center (requires ID via proximity reader).



All library users have access to printing, and will be charged per page. To learn more, including how to send a print job via email, please read our Student Printing section of the website.



To scan to a USB drive:
  1. Tap your ID against proximity reader, or login.
  2. Insert USB into the port on the left side of the touchscreen.
  3. On the touchscreen, choose your file name and scan options.
  4. Place pages in feeder tray or on scanner glass. Press "Start".
  5. When finished scanning, press "Done" and follow the prompts for removing the USB.

To scan and send via email:

  • On the first floor, look for the ScannX Book ScanCenter (near the copier). Use the touchscreen to begin, and follow the prompts. Accepted document formats include .pdf, .docx, .tiff, .jpg, and .png. 
  • On the second floor, use either of the two flatbed scanners. Accepted document formats include .pdf and .docx.



Photocopying is available through the same system as printing, Pharos MyPrintCenter. It requires logging into that system and loading funds to your account. Please read our Student Printing section of the website for more information.


Multimedia Equipment

  • One TV/VCR or DVD player is located in a study carrel on the 3rd floor reading room, several others are located in group study rooms on the 2nd floor.
  • Group study rooms must be requested at the Library Service Desk.


Assistive Technology

  • Some Assistive Technology items are available for checkout at the front desk, such as a large type keyboard or noise reduction headphones. 
  • More information can be found on our Accessibility at the HSL page