Find out how to contact a reference librarian and learn about the research services available.


Reference librarians can help you with your academic and patient care needs. Visit the Library Service Desk or contact us to request one of the following specialized services:
  • Research Assistance: need facts or statistics, text for an article citation, help citing a source, or a comprehensive literature search? Submit a research assistance request to our reference librarians.
  • Consult with a Librarian: schedule an appointment with a librarian at a time and place convenient to you.
  • Library Classes & Training: Work with a reference librarian to create a customized library training session or class to meet your curricular needs. Request instruction.
  • Library Tours: Request a customized tour or an orientation to the library.
  • Library Liaisons: A library liaison is a librarian assigned to your department as your direct line to customized library services. Click here to learn more about our liaison program, or request a liaison.


  • Send general questions, requests, and comments through our contact form, or use one of the specific service forms below.
  • Call the Library Service Desk at (315)464-7091
  • Visit the desk while a reference librarian is on duty, check current hours