EndNote 8 Installation for PC

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The installer file is large and may take several minutes to download. Please wait until it completely downloads before running it.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Save/download the installer "ENX8Inst.msiIntranet Icon" (88 MB) to your PC.
    • Do not run the installer from the web link, download it to your computer!
  2. Save/download the license "License.dat Intranet Icon" (1 KB) to your PC.
    • Do not select "open with..." youmust select "save file..."
    • You must download the License.dat file and it must be saved in the same folder as ENX8Inst.msi!
  3. Perform installation after both ENX8Inst.msi and License.dat have been downloaded...
    • right-click ENX8Inst.msi on your PC, and select "install"
    • If asked "do you want to run this file?..." click the "run" button.
    • When the installer runs...
      • use the default options (you should see the installer pre-set with Upstate's serial number.)
      • at the license agreement screen you must select "I accept license agreement" to complete the installation.
    • Wait for the installer to finish, when you see "EndNote X8 has been successfully installed" click "finish" to close the installer.
    • Now you can use EndNote
  • If you click multiple times on the .msi and/or .dat files, you may end up with multiple downloads. The install will work only with EX8Inst.msi and LICENSE.dat. If you have a License(1).dat or similar, delete these files, then click on the EX8Inst.msi.
  • If you were using any MS products prior to running the install, you will need to reboot your computer in order to complete the install.

EndNote 8 Installation for Mac

  1. Save/download the endnote_for_mac.dmgIntranet Iconfile (93 MB) to your computer.
  2. After the file is saved, double click it.
  3. Drag the Endote application icon into applications folder to install

EndNote Tutorial

  • After you install EndNote on your computer check out our tutorial about how to use it.