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Thirty-Five Treasures of Special Collections

In 1993 the Health Sciences Library of SUNY Upstate Medical University (then called the SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse) published Thirty-Five Treasures of Special Collections (OCLC # 28489710), a richly illustrated, fully indexed, limited-edition catalog of some of its most prominent rare medical holdings.

The catalog gives full bibliographic descriptions of all items, including quasi-facsimile title page transcriptions, detailed contents and collation paragraphs, historical remarks, and copy-specific notes.

The selection comprises works by Thomas Addison, William Beaumont, Theodric Romeyn Beck, Artur Biedl, Jacob Bigelow, Elizabeth Blackwell, the Charaka Club, Jules Germain Cloquet, Valerius Cordus, William Cowper, Jean Cruveilhier, Ysbrand van Diemerbroeck, John Syng Dorsey, Albrecht von Haller, Frank Hastings Hamilton, Thomas Hodgkin, Everard Home, David Hosack, Carl Gustav Jung, Giovanni Maria Lancisi, Fortunio Liceti, Pierre F. O. Rayer, Benjamin Rush, Joannes Donatus Santorus, Johannes Scultetus, Jean-Baptiste Senac, William Smellie, David Verbezius, Andreas Vesalius, James Webster, and others.

There are many first editions and many items with interesting marginalia, autograph signings, bindings, or provenance.

Copies of this beautiful 48-page catalog are free to walk-in patrons of Special Collections, or $5.00 each by mail. Please contact for more information.