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  1. Labarraque, Antoine Germaine (1777-1850). The Use of the Chlorate of Soda, and the Chlorate of Lime, translated by James Scott (London: W. Glendinning, S. Highley, 1826). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 1, no. 7]
  2. Lancet. London. Disabilities and How to Live with Them (London: Lancet Limited, 1952). [20th Century HD 7255 L247d 1952]
  3. Lancisi, Giovanni Maria (1654-1720). Opera (Genevae: Sumptibus J.A. Cramer & Filii; Sumptibus Cramer & Parachon, 1718). 2 vols. in 3. [Rare]
  4. Langworthy, Orthello R.; Kolb, Lawrence C.; Lewis, Lloyd G. Physiology of Micturition: Experimental and Clinical Studies with Suggestions as to Diagnosis and Treatment (Baltimore: Williams and Wilkins, 1940). [20th Century]
  5. Lawrence, William, Sir (1783-1867). Lectures on Physiology, Zoology, and the Natural History of Man, Delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons (Salem: Foote and Brown, 1828). [19th Century]
  6. Lee, Charles Alfred (1801-1872). Address to the Graduates of Geneva Medical College, Delivered in the Presbyterian Church, Geneva, January 26, 1847, Published by Request of the Graduates (New York: S.W. Benedict, 1847). [Geneva]
  7. Lee, Charles Alfred (1801-1872). An Introductory Discourse on Medical Education, Delivered to the Students of Geneva Medical College, October 1, 1844, Published by the Medical Class (Geneva: Ira Merrell, 1844). [Geneva]
  8. Lee, Charles Alfred (1801-1872). Valedictory Address to the Graduating Class of Geneva Medical College at the Public Commencement, January 23, 1849, Published by Request of the Class (Buffalo: Steam Press of Jewett, Thomas & Co., 1849). [Geneva]
  9. Legare, Daniel. An Experimental Inquiry into the Effects of Tobacco Fumes on the System, and Their Use in Cases of Suspended Animation (Philadelphia: John H. Oswald, 1805). [Americana]
  10. Leo-Wolf, William. Remarks on the Abracadabra of the 19th Century, or, on Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's Homoeopathic Medicine (New York: Carey, 1835). 2 copies. [Geneva]
  11. Lesky, Erna. The Vienna Medical School of the 19th Century (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 1976). [20th Century W 19 V666L 1976]
  12. Lewis, Clive Staples (1898-1963). The Problem of Pain (New York: Macmillan, 1962). [20th Century BV 4905.2 L673p 1962]
  13. Lewis, William (1708-1781). The Edinburgh New Dispensatory (Edinburgh: Bell & Bradfute, 1803). [Geneva]
  14. Liceti, Fortunio (1577-1657). De monstris (Amstelodami: Sumptibus Andreae Frisii, 1665). Bound with: Blasius, Gerardus Leonardus (1626?-1692). Medicina universa, hygienes & therapeutices fundamenta methodo nova brevissimè exhibens (Amstelodami: Apud Petrum vanden Berge, 1665). [Rare]
  15. Liman, Carl. Zweifelhafte Geisteszustände vor Gericht (Berlin: August Hirschwald, 1869). [19th Century]
  16. Lind, James (1716-1794). An Essay on Diseases Incidental to Europeans in Hot Climates -- second edition -- (London: 1771). [Geneva]
  17. Lind, James (1716-1794). An Essay on Diseases Incidental to Europeans in Hot Climates -- first American, from the sixth London edition -- (Philadelphia: William Duane, 1811). 2 copies. [Geneva]
  18. Liston, Robert (1794-1847). Elements of Surgery -- -- (Philadelphia: 1837). [Geneva]
  19. Liston, Robert (1794-1847). ( 1842). [Geneva]
  20. Lobstein, Johann Friedrich Daniel (1777-1835). Researches and Observations on the Use of Phosphorus on the Treatment of Various Diseases (Philadelphia: 1825). [Geneva]
  21. Locke, John (1632-1704). An Abridgment of Mr. Locke's Essay Concerning Humane Understanding -- the second edition, corrected and enlarged -- (London: A. and J. Churchil, 1700). [Geneva]
  22. Louis, Pierre Charles Alexandre (1787-1872). Pathological Researches on Phthisis (Boston: Hilliard, Gray, and Co., 1836). [Geneva]
  23. Louis, Pierre Charles Alexandre (1787-1872). Recherches anatomico-pathologiques sur la phthisie (Paris: 1825). 2 copies. [Geneva]
  24. Louis, Pierre Charles Alexandre (1787-1872). Recherches anatomiques, pathologiques et thérapeutiques sur la maladie connue sous les noms de gastro-entérite, fièvre putride, adynamique, ataxique, typhoïde, etc. etc. (Paris: chez J.B. Baillière, 1829). 2 vols. [Geneva]
  25. Louis, Pierre Charles Alexandre (1787-1872). Researches on Phthisis, Anatomical, Pathological, and Therapeutical -- second edition -- (London: Sydenham Society, 1846). [Geneva]
  26. Lüscher, Max (1923- ). The Lüscher Color Test (New York: Random House, 1969). [20th Century BF 698.8 L8 L9683L 1969]
  27. Lyman, Henry Munson (1835-1904). Artificial Anaesthesia and Anaesthetics (New York: William Wood, 1881). [Geneva]


  1. McCall, John (1787-1867). (). [Geneva]
  2. Macartney, James (1770-1843). A Lecture on the Uses of Anatomy and Physiology in Various Branches of Knowledge, Delivered on Monday, the 1st of November, 1824 (Dublin: R. Graisberry, 1826). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 2, no. 5]
  3. McKee, James Harvey (1840-1918). Back "In War Times": History of the 144th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry (Bowie, Md.: Heritage Books, 1994). [20th Century E 523.5 144th M1543b 1994]
  4. MacLean, Charles (fl. 1800). Results of an Investigation, Respecting Epidemic and Pestilential Diseases, Including Researches in the Levant, Concerning the Plague (London: Thomas and George Underwood, 1817-1818). 2 vols. [Geneva]
  5. Maclurg, James. Experiments Upon the Human Bile and (London: 1772). [Geneva]
  6. M'Naughton, James (1796-1874). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 5, no. 16]
  7. McNutt, Sarah J. Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell: Her Character and Personality (New York: William Wood, 1921). [Geneva]
  8. Magendie, François (1783-1855) (). [Geneva]
  9. Magendie, François (1783-1855) (). [Geneva]
  10. Magendie, François (1783-1855). Formulary for the preparation and employment ( Joseph Houlton, , 1830). [Geneva]
  11. Magendie, François (1783-1855) (). [Geneva]
  12. Magendie, François (1783-1855) (). [Geneva]
  13. Malin, William Gunn. Some Account of the Pennsylvania Hospital, its Origin, Objects and Present State (Philadelphia: Thomas Kite, 1831). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 5, no. 3]
  14. Marburg, Otto; and Sgalitzer, Max. Die Röntgenbehandlung der Nervenkrankheiten (Berlin; Wien: Urban & Schwarzenburg, 1930). [20th Century]
  15. March, Alden (1795-1830). ( ). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 3, no. 29]
  16. Marital & Sexual Counseling in Medical Practice -- second edition -- (Hagerstown, Md.: Harper & Row, 1974). Gift of Arthur D. Ecker. [20th Century HQ 729 M3428 1974]
  17. Massachusetts General Hospital. Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts General Hospital, for the Year 1840 (Boston: James Loring, 1841). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 2, no. 18]
  18. Mastering Multiple Sclerosis: A Handbook for MSers and Families, John K. Wolf, editor (Rutland, Vt.: Academy Books, 1984). Gift of Arthur D. Ecker. [20th Century]
  19. Maxson, Edwin Robinson. A Treatise on the Practice of Medicine (Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston, 1861). [Geneva]
  20. Mead, Kate Campbell Hurd (1867- ). Medical Women of America: A Short History of the Pioneer Medical Women of America and of a Few of their Colleagues in England (New York: Froben Press, 1933). [Geneva]
  21. Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland. A Summary of Proceedings from the Organization of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland, in 1799, to the Convention of 1807 (Baltimore: Fryer and Rider, 1807. [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 5, no. 24]
  22. Medical Association of Central New York. Constitution, By-Laws, Officers and Permanent Members, of the Medical Assocation, of Central New York, December 1871 (Auburn, N.Y.: Daily Advertiser and Weekly Journal Steam Printing House, 1871). [Geneva]
  23. Medical Society of New Jersey. The Law Incorporating Medical Societies, and the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, with the Table of Fees and Rates for Chargeing [sic] of the Medical Society of New-Jersey, Passed at New-Brunswick on Tuesday, 11 May 1830 (New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers Press, 1830). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 5, no. 2]
  24. Medical Society of London. Statutes of the Medical Society of London, Instituted 1773 (London: Compton and Ritchie, 1827). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 5, no. 1]
  25. Medical Society of Tennessee. Minutes of the Proceedings of the Medical Society of Tennessee, at the Second Annual Meeting, Held in the City of Nashville, May 1831 (Nashville: The Herald Office, 1831). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 5, no. 17]
  26. Medical Society of the County of Albany. By Laws of the Medical Society of the County of Albany, July 1828 (Albany: Websters and Skinners, 1828).[Geneva Pamphlets, v. 5, no. 22]
  27. Medical Society of the County of Cayuga. Transactions of the Medical Society of the County of Cayuga, for 1832 (Auburn, [New York]: ____). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 5, no. 9]
  28. Medical Society of the County of Kings, Brooklyn. Library. A Descriptive List of the Medical Incunabula in the Library of the Medical Society of the County of Kings, 1313 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, N Y., 1924, compiled by Charles Frankenberger, librarian ([New York: s.n., 1924]). [20th Century Z 240 M489d 1924]
  29. Medical Society of the County of Kings, Brooklyn. Library. An Index of the Incunabula and Other Printed Medical Publications to the Year 1600 Now in the Library of the Medical Society of the County of Kings, 1313 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, N Y., U.S.A., January 1, 1912 (Brooklyn: Eagle Press, 1912). [20th Century Z 240 M489i 1912]
  30. Medical Society of the County of New York. By-Laws of the Medical Society of the County of New-York, Revised and Adopted for 1832-3 (New-York: Ludwig & Tolefree, 1832). 2 copies.[copy 1: Geneva Pamphlets, v. 5, no. 7; copy 2: v. 5, no. 23]
  31. Medical Society of the County of New York. Report of a Committee on Applications to the Next Legislature (New-York: Ludwig & Tolefree, 1832). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 5, no. 20]
  32. Medical Society of the State of New York. (). [Geneva]
  33. Medical Society of the State of New York. (). [Geneva]
  34. Medical Society of the State of New York. A Condensed History, Transactions, &c., of the New-York State Medical Society ([New York: s.n.], 1835). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 5, no. 11]
  35. Medical Society of the State of New York. (). [Geneva]
  36. Medical Society of the State of New York. Transactions of the Medical Society, of the State of New-York, for the Year 1824, Together with the Annual Address, by Alexander Coventry, President of the Society. February 3, 1824 (Albany: E. & E. Hosford, 1824). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 5, no. 8]
  37. Medical Society of the State of New York. Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of New-York, for the Year 1826, Together with the Annual Address, by James R. Manley, M.D., President of the Society (Albany: E. & E. Hosford, 1826). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 5, no. 12]
  38. Medical Society of Virginia. Constitution and By-Laws of the Medical Society of Virginia, Revised and Amended in October and November, 1823 (Richmond: John Warrock, 1823). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 5, no. 5]
  39. Medicinae et artibus: Festschrift für Professor Dr. Phil. Dr. Med. Wilhelm Katner zu seinem 65. Geburtstag (Düsseldorf: Michael Trilrsch Verlag, 1968). [20th Century]
  40. Meigs, Charles Delucena (1792-1869). Introductory Lecture to a Course on Obstetrics, Delivered in Jefferson Medical College, November 4, 1841, Published by the Class (Philadelphia: Merrihew and Thompson, 1841). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 3, no. 22]
  41. Mercer, Alfred (1820-1915) (). [Geneva]
  42. Mercer, Alfred (1820-1915) (). [Geneva]
  43. Merriman, Harvey R. Notes on Theory & Practice of Physic by John De La Mater, MD & Prof (). [Geneva]
  44. Miller, James. Principles of Surgery ( 1845). [Geneva]
  45. Mitchell, John Kearsley (1793-1858). An Oration Delivered Before the Philadelphia Medical Society, Pursuant to Appointment (Philadelphia: I. Ashmead, 1825). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 3, no. 9]
  46. Mitchell, S. Weir.
  47. Moore, John. An Essay (Boston: ). [Geneva]
  48. Moore, John. Medical Sketches ( 1794). [Geneva]
  49. Morfit, ( 1849). [Geneva]
  50. Morton, Samuel George (1799-1851). Illustrations of Pulmonary Consumption (Philadelphia: Edward C. Biddle, 1837). [Geneva]
  51. Morton, Samuel George (1799-1851). Introductory Lecture to a Course of Demonstrative Anatomy, Delivered December 11, 1830 (Philadelphia: Mifflin & Parry, 1831). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 3, no. 18]
  52. Moseley, Benjamin. A Treatise on Tropical Diseases (London: 1803). [Geneva]
  53. A Mount Sinai Hospital Monograph on the Approach to Diagnosis in Modern Neurology, edited by Morris B. Bender (New York: Grune & Stratton, 1967). Gift of Arthur D. Ecker. [20th Century]
  54. Motherby, George (1732-1793). A New Medical Dictionary () [Geneva Folio]
  55. Moutard, [Geneva Folio]
  56. Müller, Friedrich von. Lebenserinnerung (München: J.F. Lehmanns Verlag, 1953). [20th Century]
  57. Mueller, Justus Frederick (1902-1993). A Manual of Drawing for Science Students (New York: Farrar & Rinehart, 1935) [20th Century NC 715 M9468m 1935]
  58. Murray, John (d. 1820). Elements of Materia Medica (Philadelphia: 1808). [Geneva]
  59. Murray, John (d. 1820). A System of Materia Medica and Pharmacy (Philadelphia: Thomas Dobson, 1815). [Geneva]
  60. Murray, John (d. 1820). A System of Materia Medica and Pharmacy -- sixth edition -- (New York: Collins and Hannay, 1834). [Geneva]


  1. Neill, John. Outlines of the Arteries ( 1845). [Geneva]
  2. Neurotic Interaction in Marriage, edited by Victor W. Eisenstein (New York: Basic Books, 1956). Gift of Wolf Wolfensberger. [20th Century]
  3. New York Hospital. State of the New-York Hospital and Bloomingdale Asylum, for the Year 1834 (New York: Mahlon Day, 1835). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 2, no. 19]
  4. Newnham, William (1790-1865). Some Observations on the Medicinal and Dietetic Properties of Green Tea, and Particularly on the Controuling [sic] Influence it Exerts over Irritation of the Brain (London: J. Hatchard and Son, 1827). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 1, no. 22]
  5. North, Elisha (1771-1843). The Pilgrim's Progress in Phrenology, or, That Science Taught, in Imitation of John Bunyan, to be Printed in Three Parts: Part I, by Uncle Toby [pseud.] (New-London, [Conn.]: Samuel Green, 1833, c1832). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 4, no. 1]


  1. Onondaga Medical Society. The Centennial Meeting of the Onondaga Medical Society, Held Tuesday, May Eighth, Nineteen Hundred and Six, in the Public Library Building, Syracuse, New York (Syracuse: E.M. Grover, 1907). [Geneva]
  2. Onondaga Medical Society. Special Meeting ([Syracuse: s.n., 1871, 1872]). [Geneva]
  3. Orth, Johanness. Pathologisch-anatomische Diagnostik, nebst Anleitung zur Ausführung von Obduktionen sowie von pathologisch-histologischen Untersuchungen (Berlin: August Hirschwald, 1917). [20th Century]
  4. Osler, William (1849-1919). Aequanimitas: With Other Addresses to Medical Students, Nurses and Practitioners of Medicine -- third edition -- (New York: The Blakiston Company, 1953, c1932). [20th Century]


  1. Pamphlets [collected and bound together for Geneva Medical College]. (Rochester, N.Y.: City Bindery under the Museum, M. Morse, Ruler and Bookbinder, [ca. 1841]). 6 vols. [Geneva]
  2. Paracelsus [i.e., Philipp Aureolus Theophrastus Bombast von Hohenheim] (1493-1541). Operum medico-chimicorum ( 1605). [Geneva]
  3. Paris, John Ayrton (1785-1856). The Elements of Medical Chemistry ( 1825). [Geneva]
  4. Paris, John Ayrton (1785-1856). Pharmacologia ( 1823-1824). 2 vols. [Geneva]
  5. Parrish, Isaac (1811-1852). Remarks on Spinal Irritation as Connected with Nervous Diseases, with Cases; Extracted from the American Journal of the Medical Sciences, for August, 1832 (Philadelphia: Joseph R.A. Skerrett, 1832). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 1, no. 12]
  6. Pasteur, Louis (). [20th Century Folio]
  7. Pattison, Granville Sharp (1791-1851). A Discourse (). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 3, no. 11]
  8. Pattison, Granville Sharp (1791-1851). A Lecture Delivered in (). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 3, no. 12]
  9. Pattison, Granville Sharp (1791-1851). Syllabus of a Popular Course of Lectures on General Anatomy and Physiology, Illustrative of the Natural History of Man ([Philadelphia: s.n.], 1833). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 3, no. 10]
  10. Pattison, Granville Sharp (1791-1851), and Revere, John (1787-1847). The Introductory Lectures of Professors Pattison and Revere, Delivered in Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, on Commencing the (). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 3, no. 13]
  11. Peixotto, Daniel Levy Maduro (1800-1843). (). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 3, no. 20]
  12. Pelnar, Josef. Das Zittern, seine Erscheinungsformen, seine Pathogenese und klinische Bedeutung (Berlin: Verlag von Julius Springer, 1913). [20th Century]
  13. Penfield, (). []
  14. Pennell, Richard (1799?-1861). An Inaugural Essay on the Bilious Typhus which Prevailed in Bancker-Street and its Vicinity, in the City of New-York, in the Summer and Autumn of 1820 ( ). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 4, no. 12]
  15. Pennock, Caspar Wistar (1799-1867). Observations and Experiments on the Efficacy and Modus Operandi of Cupping-Glasses, in Preventing and Arresting the Effects of Poisoned Wounds (Philadelphia: J.R.A. Skerrett, 1828). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 1, no. 11]
  16. Percival, Thomas (1740-1804). Medical ethics. 1827. [Geneva]
  17. Percy, Pierre-François, Baron (1754-1825). Report Made to the Institute of France on the 22nd of March, 1824, on a Memoir Presented by M. Civiale, M.D. of the Faculty of Paris, Entitled a New Method of Destroying the Stone in the Bladder, Without the Operation of Lithotomy, translated from the French by R. La Roche (Philadelphia: J. Harding, 1824). 2 copies. [copy 1: Geneva Pamphlets, v. 1, no. 3; copy 2: v. 1, no. 9]
  18. Philadelphia Medical Society. First Report of the Committee of the Philadelphia Medical Society on Quack Medicines (____). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 5, no. 6]
  19. Philip, Alexander Philip Wilson. A treatise on febrile diseases ( 1816). 2 vols. [Geneva]
  20. Phillips, William (1775-1828). An outline of minerology and geology. 1816. [Geneva]
  21. Piorry, Pierre Adolphe (1794-1879). De la percussion mediate ... 1828. [Geneva]
  22. Piorry, Pierre Adolphe (1794-1879). Du procede operatoire ... 1831. [Geneva]
  23. Pole, Thomas (1753-1829). The anatomical instructor. 1790. [Geneva]
  24. Psychiatric Aspects of Neurological Disease, edited by D. Frank Benson and Dietrich Blumer (New York: Grune & Stratton, 1975-1982). 2 vols. Gift of Arthur D. Ecker. [20th Century]
  25. A Popular Essay on the Value and Present Condition of the Practice of Vaccination, Embracing a Consideration of All the Points Important to be Understood by the Heads of Families, and Particularly Re-Vaccination (New York: Henderson Greene, 1835). [Geneva Pamphlets, v. 1, no. 13]

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