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Patients & Families

Consumer health resources of value to patients and families.

Online Resources

Health Library Evidence-based health & wellness information organized by categories to include: disease & conditions; procedures & tests; centers of excellence; health & wellness centers; natural & alternative treatments; and medications.

Express Information Library - a collection of current, dependable health education and advice topics. These fact sheets are written from a consumer's perspective, reviewed annually, and rewritten when needed to reflect new technologies and advances in healthcare.

Medline Plus - Trusted health information for you, including mutilingual resources, a medical encyclopedia, drug information, and more.

Senior Health - Health and wellness information for older adults from the National Institutes of Health.

Print Resources

Consumer Health Journal Collection in the Library Catalog - collection of print journal articles relevant to consumer health, patients, and families

This material is for informational services only and should not be used in the place of medical advice, instruction, and/or treatment by your own health care provider. Please consult your own health care provider about any personal health concerns. The Family Resource Center and/or Health Sciences Library will not be held responsible for the results of your decisions regarding use of this information. The Family Resource Center and/or Health Sciences Library assumes no responsibility for any discrepancies or errors contained in these resources.